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Best Tips for Bodybuilding and Workout

Best Tips for Bodybuilding and Workout

TIP #1
Get started today! Your dreams are waiting for you, the sooner you begin the closer you will be to achieving them.

TIP #2
Preparing a weekly routine will help you be more efficient and organized. You can even include what days you prefer to do certain exercises or eat certain meals.

TIP #3
The best muscle building exercises involve large muscles, so make sure to include bench presses and squats in your routine.

TIP #4
If you want to grow muscle you have to increase your intake, especially protein.

TIP #5
Surround yourself with knowledgeable individuals. Listening and learning are more valuable than thinking you already know it all.

TIP #6
Your biggest meal of the day should be the one after you lift weights, with about a half-hour window up to an hour.

TIP #7
Being the best is great, but being the best team is even better. Having people around you who are great will continue to challenge and motivate you to strive for more

TIP #8
Keep a Training Log. Recording your activity is a great way to motivate yourself as well by being able to look back at all the goals that have already achieved.

TIP #9
Increase weight even by 1 or 2 pounds every couple of weeks or every month. Bodybuilding is a long-term investment that requires a gradual increase in resistance to achieve growth and prevent injuries.

TIP #10
Train to be perfect. Don’t conform yourself with being average. “Shoot for the moon, that way you’ll land within the stars.”

TIP #11
Keep your training time compact. There is no need to train all day, instead focus on a good quality workout.

TIP #12
Make sure you have the right motivation surrounding you. It’s a lot easier to push yourself when you have others around you encouraging you to succeed.

TIP #13
Focus on your core By strengthening your core, you will avoid injuries by reinforcing underlying muscles such as hips, glutes and more.

TIP #14
Stay Positive! Some days things might not go your way, don’t let those days get you down, keep moving forward.

TIP #15
Have a training buddy. It’s always a good idea to have a training partner to help each other and stay competitive.

TIP #16
Be confident in yourself and your abilities. Understand confidence is not an emotion. I often hear the words, I feel confident or I don’t feel confident today.  Confidence is NOT an emotion.
Confidence is a belief, therefore it’s a thought, and thoughts can be controlled.

TIP #17
Perseverance is the key to achieving bodybuilding results. Stick to your goals and you will have the body you desire.

TIP #18
Engage in positive Self Talk. Who is your biggest fan? Well, yourself of course. Pump yourself up!

TIP #19
Warm up. Warm up. Warm up.
This cannot be said enough. Don’t ever jump into the heavy weights without a serious warm up. Neglecting this tip will bring injuries that totally dismantle your training routine.

TIP #20
Muscle confusion techniques to prevent plateauing are a myth. As long as you stay motivated with your routine and keep increasing weight every 2 to 4 weeks, your bodybuilding goals will be reached.

TIP #21
Drink a lot of water during the entire day, not just around workout time. Yes, you will have a lot of bathroom interruptions but staying very well hydrated is key to muscle recovery and growth.

Your upper body workouts need to be well-balanced. Include all of these in your weekly routine: chest, shoulders, back, arms, and deltoids.

TIP #23
If you are very sore, do not work out that body part. Letting your body rest and avoiding injury is paramount to long-term results.

TIP #24
Be a creature of Habit. Training is where habits and muscle memory are created, good or bad. This accentuates the importance of how we train.

TIP #25
Calories become muscle, but they have to be the good kind. Nuts of any kind, lots of proteins, whole-grain carbohydrates, olive oil, and avocados should be your menu.