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The Importance of Routine

The Importance of Routine

I truly believe that routine is a huge factor in your success with health/ fitness and in fact your whole lifestyle.
If you have a solid routine and you have good habits to match, you should have no problem in getting the results that you are after.

Let’s go back to the magic penny again;

Our routine is to double our money every day. If we do this without fail, we have a good routine and we end up with a good outcome at the end of the month.
If we miss a day here and there, we get out of our routine and we affect the overall outcome.
Let’s say you start going for a 30 minute brisk walk after work each day, you have been very good at this for two weeks now.

On the Monday of the third week you decide that you are too tired and go home, get a nice coffee on and watch the TV for 30 minutes instead.
Now it’s Tuesday of the third week and it’s a bit damp outside so you give Tuesday a miss too.
Wednesday arrives, and as you are breaking yourself in gently to fitness you are not doing any exercise on the weekends.

This means that you only have three training sessions left until Monday again so you may as well give those a miss too and start again on Monday, the weather should have picked up by then too.

Can you see what happens here?

If you set out on your new routine or new “good habit”, the first few weeks and months are the most important!
You are at risk and vulnerable to failure. Just like the weeds in your garden that needed clearing so you can put up your new fence, the roots of your habits and routines are not strong enough and can be pulled up very easily at this point.

This is why you need to stick to your new routine and the new habits that you have created.
These in turn will become your new routine. The early stages of any change need 100% focus.
You will find that if you stick to a new venture with much dedication you will no longer find it an effort, it will be second nature.

When you have cemented your new routine you can have the occasional night off and drink coffee and watch the television instead. However you will probably miss your exercise and feel that you have to get out there and do it! This means that you will now be benefitting from your new routine and it has become a habit.