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You have to want and you have to own

You have to want and you have to own

I have already talked about finding your reason for making lifestyle changes.
Once you have decided this is what you want to do, you have to actually do it! We have all heard of the phrase;

“Actions speak louder than words”

Well, it has never been truer at this point!
If your bad lifestyle choices and habits are well established it will be so much harder to get up and start out with a new way of life. But this should not stop you!

Making the decision to get in shape, lose weight or become healthier is the first step of your journey.
The next step is in my opinion the hardest.
This step is from the point that you start your new healthy routine to the point that you see your first results.
Like the magic penny we talked about you will start with very small results, but compounded over time you will start to see some truly amazing changes.

If you can understand this and find the will to keep going you will not become the person who throws in the towel and decides to give up, because for all of the work that they have put in they are not getting staggering results right away.
This will take time, so stick with it because once you see this magic working you will not look back and you are over the hardest part, you are on your way to the top of the mountain!

There are many excuses for missing training days or eating junk food when you should be eating healthily or training hard.
I have probably heard all of these excuses and it is the one thing that frustrates me more than anything.
The bottom line is that there are no excuses.

If you are determined to change, you will find the time, prepare the right food, be organised and focused on your goal.
Many people will point the finger when they have cheated or neglected aspects of their new health venture.
But it will be a game changer when you realise that it is your responsibility to own your weight loss journey 100%.

No one makes you eat junk food or miss training sessions but yourself.
“I didn’t have time to prepare my healthy lunch today so I will grab some fast food instead”
“I finished work later tonight so I will miss my training session for today”
“I didn’t have time to train this morning before work”

Yeah “The Time” gets a whole lot of grief from millions of people every day and I think that this is unfair.
You can look at time as a great reliable friend because it is very consistent, it never changes and surprises you, it is always there and you can set your watch by it.

If you don’t have time in the morning to prepare your healthy meals for the day, you can get up earlier, you can do it last thing at night.
If you finish work later, you can still get home and do your training, the gym might be closed but you can do some cardio outside or some bodyweight exercises.

Once a good routine has been established, this will become far less of an issue. A very important lesson in the midst of this lifestyle change, if not the most important thing you need to take away with you is that it is all down to you.

You need to own your problems, take 100% responsibility and be 100% accountable for your actions. If you can understand this and put it into action, you will do very well. Remember;